Choose the right answer.

1. Current is collected from OHE to A.C.loco through
(a) Transformer
(b) circuit breaker
(c) pantograph
(d) servo motor

2. Taps on autowinding of TFP are provided for
(a) speed control
(b) protection from surges
(c) shorting of windings
(d) avoiding overloading of TFP

3.QOP relay is used to detect
(a) Earth fault in auxiliary circuit
(b) Over current
(c) Earth fault in power circuit
(d) Surges

4.For converting a.c. to d.c., following equipment is used in locos
(a) Transformer
(b) Smoothening reactor
(c) Silicon Rectifier
(d) Circuit breaker

5.Which one of the following is not a safety item
(a) ACP Unit
(b) Hand brake
(c) Head Light
(d) Corridor Light

6.The maximum rpm of a Hitachi Traction Motor is
(a) 895 rpm (b) 1000 rpm (c) 1100 rpm (d) 1250 rpm

7.MVRH is a
(a) D.C.Motor
(b) A.C.Motor
(c) Universal Motor

8.Wheel slipping occurs
a) due to Down gradient
b) due to poor brake power
c) if applied tractive effort is more than adhesive weight of loco
d) none of the above

9.KVA rating of TFP used in WAG-7 & WAP4 locos is
a) 3460 KVA
b) 3900 KVA
c) 5400 KVA
d) 6000 KVA

10.In Traction Transformer
a) A33-A0 is Auto Transfer Winding
b) A34-A0 is Primary Winding
c) a0 – a1 is Auxiliary Winding
d) All are correct

11.ARNO is used for
a) cooling T.M.
b) converting 1Φ to 3 Φ a.c.
c) cooling TFP oil
d) converting a.c. to d.c.

12.For changing direction of loco movement, following is used
a) CTF
b) Reverser
c) Shunting contactor
d) Pantograph

13.In WAG-7 loco is used
a) SL-30 b) SL-40 c) SL-42 d) None

14.Twin Beam Head Light bulb has twin filament of
a) 100 and 110 watts
b) 100 and 120 watts
c) 100 and 90 watts
d) 80 and 100 watts

15.BA are used for powering
a) ARNO convertor
b) Traction Motor (TM)
c) Cab heater
d) Auxiliary compressor (MCPA)

16.Hydrometer is used for measuring
a) level of electrolyte in BA
b) total charge stored in BS
c) specific gravity of electrolyte
d) terminal voltage of BA

17.Maximum air pressure in electric loco brake cylinder with A9 application is
a) 2.5 kg/cm2
b) 3.5 kg/cm2
c) 2.0 kg/cm2
d) 5.0 kg/cm2
( ) Downloaded F

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