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RRB GROUP-D Exam - Model Questions (Set-69)

RRB GROUP-D Exam - Model Questions (Set-69)

1. If KASHMIR is written as 8142753, how RIMSHAK can be written in that code?

(a) 3574218
(b) 3571842
(c) 3521478
(d) 3574812

2. The average age of a cricket team is 27 years. Two players with 24 and 27 years of age ,are replaced by new players of 23 and 28 years of age. What is the average age of the team now?

(a) 27 years
(b) 26 years
(c) 24 years
(d) .28 years

3. Four friends A, B, C, D, contribute money to a pool. A contributes double the amount C contributes and B contributes half the amount A contributes. D contributes half the amount of B. Which two are contributing equal amount?

(a) B, D
(b) A, D
(c) A, B
(d) B, C

4. Anil reached a place on Friday. He came to know that he was three days earlier than the scheduled day. If he had reached there on the following Sunday, how many days late/early he would have been?

(a) One day earlier
(b) One day late
(c) Two days late
(d) Two days earlier

5. In the following question a statement is followed by four inferences. Select the one which is most appropriate. All the books, written by Prabhakar, are textbooks. Some of his books are published by Pitamber Publishing Company.

(a) All the books published by Pitamber Publishing Company have been written by Prabhakar.
(b) Pitamber Publishing Company publishes some critical essays written by Prabhakar.
(c) Some textbooks written by Prabhakar are published by publishers other than Pitamber Publishing Company.
(d) Pitamber Publishing Company only publishes textbooks.

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6. Whose teachings inspired the French Revolution?

(a) Locke
(b) Rousseau
(c) Hegel
(d) Plato

7. A money bill passed by the Lok Sabha is deemed to have been passed by the Rajya Sabha also when no action is taken by the Upper House within :

(a) 10 days
(b) 14 days
(c) 20 days
(d) 30 days

8. Which one of the following metals pollutes the air of a city having large number of automobiles?

(a) Cadmium
(b) Chromium
(c) Lead
(d) Copper

9. Which one of the following is a female sex hormone?

(a) Estrogen
(b) Androgen
(c) Oxytocin
(d) Insulin

10. What is the chemical name for ‘baking soda’?

(a) Sodium carbonate
(b) Sodium bicarbonate
(c) Sodium nitrite
(d) Sodium nitrate

RRB Group-D Exam 2018 Study Kit

रेलवे भर्ती बोर्ड ग्रुप-डी परीक्षा 2018 अध्ययन सामग्री

RRB Group-D Exam Online Tests Series

Answer Key :

1. (a) 2. (a) 3. (c) 4. (d) 5. (d) 6. (b) 7. (b) 8. (c) 9. (a) 10. (b)


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