Free Study Material For RRB Examination: English (Foreign Words and Phrases)

Free Study Material For RRB Examination

Subject : English (Foreign Words and Phrases)

1. Ab initio (Latin) — From the beginning.
2. Aborigine (Latin) — Native, any of the earliest known inhabitants of a certain region.
3. Actionnaire (French) — Shareholder.
4. Actualite (French) — Real existence; appropriateness.
5. Ad hoc (Latin) — For the special purpose.
6. Ad interim (Latin) — In the meantime; temporary.
7. Ad libitum (Latin) — As one pleases.
8. Ad referendum (Latin) — For further consideration.
9. Ad valorem (Latin) — According to value.
10. A Dio (Italian) — To God; 
— Addio! Adieu!
11. Agamemnon (Greek) — The leader of the Greeks in the Trojan war, king of Mycenae.
12. Aide (French) — An assistant, a helper, a mate.
13. Air noble (French) — An air of distinction.
14. Ajax (Latin, Greek) — The Greek hero next to Achilles in the Trojan war.
15. Alectryon (Greek) — A cock.
16. Allah it Allah (Arabian) — There is no God but the God 
— the Moslem war cry.
17. Alopecia (Latin, Greek) — Fox mange : a skin disease, which destroys the hair; baldness.
18. Allure (French) — Mien, gait, air.
19. Alpeen (Irish) — A cudgel.
20. Alter ego (Latin) — One’s second self, a very close friend, a representative.
21. Affair d’amour (French) — A love affair.
22. A’la mode (French) — According to the custom; in fashion.
23. Alma Mater (Latin) — Benign mother; A term applied by students to the school, college or university where they have been educated.
24. Anno Christi (Latin) — In the year of Christ.
25. Anno Dontini (Latin) — In the year of Christ.
26. Ante Meridiem (Latin) — Before noon.
27. Ars longa, vita brevis (Latin) — Art is long, life is short.
28. Au contraire (Latin) — On the contrary.
29. Au revoir (French) — Adieu, until we meet again.
30. Auto (Spanish) — An act, a drama.
31. Bacchus (Latin, Greek) — The god of wine.
32. Basta (Italian) — Enough ! No more !
33. Bastide (French) — A French country house.
34. Beau garcon (French) — A handsome man.
35. Beau jour (French) — Fine day, good times.
36. Beaux-arts (French) — The fine arts.
37. Beneficiare (French) — The person receiving benctits.
38. Bene qui latiut bene vixit (Latin) — He has lived\ell who has lived obscure.
39. Billet-doux (French) — A love letter.
40. Bonn fide (Latin) — In good faith.
41. Bon hoinie (French) — Good nature.
42. Bonjour (French) — Good day; good morning.
43. Bon voyage (French) — A good journey to you.
44. Boutique (French) — A shop. tradesman’s stock.
45. Bourgeoisee (French) — The social class between the aristocracy and the working class; middle class.
46. Bravo (Italian) — Well done; splendid.
47. Cadre (French) — A frame, a scheme; a list of officers.
48. Cafe (French) — Coffee.
49. Camaraderie (French) — Comrade; Friendly fellowship.
50. Carpe diem (Latin) — Enjoy the present day.

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